Land Rover Low Coolant Message

Land Rover Low Coolant Message

One message from your dashboard any vehicle owner should NOT ignore is the “Low Coolant Message”. This message warrants a quick freeway exit to investigate. Do yourself a favor, pull over and turn off the engine. Pop the hood. Do you see any steam or smell the sweet smell of coolant/anti-freeze? These are two signs your leaking coolant. If you smell coolant or see steam, DO NOT RISK IT! Have your Land Rover towed to the nearest service station for a cooling system pressure test.

Next, investigate your coolant level WITHOUT removing your RADIATOR CAP. Do not remove the radiator cap until the cap is cold to touch. Most Land Rover’s have coolant tanks with see-thru plastic for easy coolant level verification. 

Low Coolant message on Range Rover Sport.

Range Rover Sport coolant expansion tank shows coolant level low.

If you look closely at this image above, you will see text between two lines stating “Cold Fill Range”. This means when your Land Rover’s engine is cold this is the expected level for your coolant/anti-freeze. 

Land Rover Low Coolant Message Range Rover Sport, LR3 Coolant Tank with coolant at Full Fill Range

Check out the next photo. See the difference in the coolant level, “pink fluid”. This photo shows the level just above the Cold Fill Range. 

Coolant Level is good but still have low coolant message on dash

Sometimes your Low Coolant Message is appear on the instrument cluster. This can happen for a few reasons. The most likely cause is a faulty level sensor within the coolant tank. You will need to replace the coolant tank to fix a faulty level sensor. A very rare possibility, the engine wiring harness is shorted or loose connection related to the wires for the coolant level sensor.

Land Rover LR3 Range Rover Coolant Tank

Here is photo of a coolant tank new. You can see the level sensor located on the bottom of the tank. This tanks are fairly easy to remove and replace. However, bleeding the coolant system of any air can be difficult.

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