2008 Range Rover Air Spring Replacement

Late model year Range Rover Air Suspension Systems have come along way from the early 1990’s Range Rover Classics Air Suspension Systems. Late model year Range Rover Air Suspension Systems use less components to support the chassis and in turn are more reliable. However, the Range Rover Air Spring is basically a rubber bladder with a few rubber o-rings made to support the weight our of Range Rovers. Rubber wears out! Even when you don’t drive your Range Rover, the rubber is slowly wearing out. This is especially true in dry climate with high temperatures like San Diego. The rubber will slow dry out and crack. These cracks lead to pressure leaks and failure of your Range Rover Air Spring. Luckily for us, Land Rover has released rebuilt kits for Front Air Springs on Range Rover model years 2003 to 2012. These rebuilt kits can save you money in parts costs but require a little more labor to install.


Just below are a few photos of a recent Air Spring bladder replacement completed here at British Autoworks. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your Range Rover Air Springs and Air Suspension System.



Range Rover Air Spring Bladder Up Close  Range Rover Air Spring Bladder
Here is a link to a youtube video showing removal and replacement of a Front Range Rover Air Spring assembly.


This next video shows how to remove the air spring from the front strut. The air spring used in this video is not a factory spring but an aftermarket spring. However, the procedure is the same. British Autoworks uses and recommends factory replacement parts. Is your Range Rover dropping down over night? Or leaning to one side? These are common signs of Air Spring bladder pressures too low to support the weight of your Range Rover.

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