British Auto Repair

British Autoworks is North County San Diego's only inland british auto repair facility. Specializing in Land Rover & Jaguar Service

Suspension Fault Normal Height Only

Common for higher mileage Land Rover vehicles is a Suspension Fault message. This post covers the most common reason for the Suspension Fault Message.

Range Rover Service Required

Tips and information for Range Rover Instrument Cluster Messages. This pages focuses on Range Rover Service Required messages. Click for further details.

Land Rover Service San Diego

Convenient and reliable Land Rover Service San Diego. Located just of I-15 in Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch. Save and time and money over the local dealerships.

2008 Range Rover Air Spring Replacement

2008 Range Rover Air Spring Replacement. Useful information and links to videos showing Range Rover Air Spring replacement procedures.

British Autoworks is Now Open for Business!

Now open for Land Rover Service and Repair.