Jaguar Land Rover Software Update

Jaguar Land Rover software update & ECU programming on Factory level equipment; T4, SDD, and Autologic. Update your personalization settings and ride height

LR4 Suspension lift

Check this quick & simple software update to your LR4 ride height. The best solution for a LR4 Suspension Lift without any aftermarket parts.

Suspension Fault Normal Height Only

Common for higher mileage Land Rover vehicles is a Suspension Fault message. This post covers the most common reason for the Suspension Fault Message.

Land Rover Air Suspension Warning Lamp On

Definitions for common Land Rover Air Suspension Messages. Land Rover Owner's Manual Air Suspension Information. Advice related to Land Rover Air Suspension

2008 Range Rover Air Spring Replacement

2008 Range Rover Air Spring Replacement. Useful information and links to videos showing Range Rover Air Spring replacement procedures.